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Hi I'm Z and I enjoy slaving over my sewing machine for several months in order to make my favourite characters come to life. (:

I am an 18 year old cosplayer from Australia.
I graduated high school in 2012, and am now studying Conservation and Wildlife Biology at uni.

There are 3 conventions per year that are in my state.
I have only just started cosplaying, so I'm not very good yet,
but I try haha!
I make my own costumes, either from scratch or through modification.

My dreams are... to host a panel at a convention one day,
be featured in a professional cosplay video on youtube,
to play a vital role in an awesome cosplay skit that gets posted
online and amazes audiences around the world,
and to go to Katsucon, Dragoncon, Colossalcon and SanDiego ComicCon. :)

My inspiration comes from the amazing deviants on here, especially:
:icontwinfools: :iconvandorwolf: :iconsaiaphi: :iconvaldrein: :iconveleven: :iconberpi: :iconmalindachan: :iconhidennka: :iconyamatotaichou: :iconyayacosplay: :iconelliria: :iconyiji: and :iconfiggarow:

, as well as the youtube channels:


I would love to talk to you!!, drop me a comment or a note
if you want to chat ;)

Favourite anime/manga: One Piece, Naruto, Slam Dunk.
Favourite movies: How to Train your Dragon, Redline (2009 anime), Howl's moving castle, Spirited away, Avatar, Kung-fu Panda (1 and 2), Pirates of the Caribbean, One Piece Film Z.
Favourite musicians: The Killers.

Yo! I can't believe I haven't updated my journal in so long, that's terrible of me, I'm sorry!
I have been online quite a bit though, so I'm still active, I just... don't make it known, I guess? I will try my best to update my journal at least once a month in the future though. Also, I am nearly always active on my facebook page,… , so hit me up there for WIP photos, the most recent convention photos etc.

WELL, a lot has happened since July last year :'D
Firstly, I DID participate in a Dangan Ronpa photoshoot (as you can see from the photos), which we had in September I think? It was brilliant fun cosplaying as Leon Kuwata, I enjoyed it so much! I met a whole bunch of new people who I am now very good friends with which was just so fantastic for me, and such a great experience.

After that, I did not make a new cosplay until Perth Chibicon, which was held on January 5th, 2014. It was a tiny little con, with only about 400 tickets available. I cosplayed as Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, and it was great acting in character when people called me short. I got a lot of jokes though, like "Need a hand", or "That cosplay must have cost you an arm and a leg" hahhahaha!! It was all in good spirit though! Ed was the first cosplay that I really made to last a long time though - I wanted a cosplay that I could actually wear again, without fear of it falling to pieces. So with that, I double-hemmed every edge that could fray, I sewed things together instead of glueing them on in a rush, and I planned ahead with the automail. And although I did not get the entire automail arm finished, I was so proud of my first attempt at armour and I could even wear the cosplay again at Waicon without needing to fix a SINGLE thing. I was so happy!
Chibicon was also the first con at which I entered the cosplay competition. I was not really in this one to win, but more as experience for going on stage at Waicon. It helped a lot! I didn't win anything at that con, but not to worry, for I really enjoyed entering the competition and acting in character on the stage. :)

And finally, the con I have been waiting ALL YEAR FOR hahahah!! WAICON WAS LAST WEEKEND!!! <3 Such a fun convention, it was just like a massive 2 day party! :D My friend Kibashiro and I stayed in a hotel right next to the convention centre, which was great. I cosplayed as JP from Redline on the first day, and Edward Elric on the Sunday. I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE PROUD OF ANY PART OF A COSPLAY, THAN I AM OF JP'S WIG. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET SOME GOOD PHOTOS AND SHOW YOU GUYS!!! I will also be making a tutorial! I entered JP into the Saturday cosplay competition in the "Best beginner cosplayer" category, and ended up taking home first prize!!! :D I was just so excited and proud, I was in shock when they called my name out haha! I am really thankful to all of the people who complimented my cosplay that day, it was a very important costume for me for various reasons, and the response it received really made a dream come true for me.

Hopefully I will be able to do photoshoots with both of these cosplays soon. :)

Completed Cosplays that need photoshoots:
:bulletyellow: Haku from Spirited Away
:bulletgreen: Edward Elric from FMA
:bulletpurple: (Sweet) JP from Redline

And now, on to the future. The next convention in Western Australia is Perth Oz ComicCon, held at the end of March (29th and 30th). I will be doing one new cosplay for this con, teenage Iceburg (Bakaburg) as part of a fun One Piece group. I will only be buying a one-day ticket, which will most likely be the day I cosplay as Iceburg (the other day I will be re-wearing JP), however on the other day I will be attending 'picnic-con', which is a fun alternative to OzCon itself, organised by the Perth-Cosplayers-WA facebook group. It is designed for everyone who doesn't want to buy a ticket, and pretty much we will all just meet up outside the convention centre on the grass during the con and chill out together. People can just come and go as they please, and we will still be cosplaying at the con, but just not actually able to enter the traders floor or enter competitions etc.

Planned cosplays for this year are as follows (and are definitely subject to change!) :
:bulletgreen: Teen Iceburg from One Piece - as part of a One Piece cosplay group (Perth OzComicCon, late March). + Re-wearing JP.
:bulletyellow: MAYBE. Swizzle from Wreck it Ralph (Sugar Rush Racers photoshoot in May).
:bulletpink: Toothless gijinka from How to Train your Dragon (Day 1 of Perth Supanova, late June).
:bulletorange: Howl from Howl's Moving Castle (Day 2 of Perth Supanova, late June).
:bulletpurple: Absalom from One Piece - as part of a One Piece cosplay group (Perth Zombie walk, usually held in October).
:bulletred: Otonashi (probably), Naoi OR Hinata from Angel Beats (Angel Beats photoshoot between October '14 and January '15)
:bulletblue: Gundam Tanaka from Super Dangan Ronpa 2 (To be confirmed, will probably happen if and when the SDR2 anime is aired, therefore it may not happen this year).

Here's to another great year of cosplay! Drop me a comment if you want to talk! :heart:

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Zabisco Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thaaaaaaanks for the fav :D
No worries, you're both AMAZING :XD:
Man oh man! I am so excited that you're officially part of Mutiny Go! now!! (although you've been an honourary crew member for quite some time now!!) ;) Love you!!
Woooooo E me too! XD  I am honestly so excited and cant thank you all enough,
(awww :'D thank-you, I love hanging out with you guys so much),
I love you too! :heart:
Hidennka Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Pikachus nuzzles cheeks 
:iconchopperdanceplz: I WUB YOU TOO <3

Nyaaaaa Carmall you're so adorable :') :heart:
Your cosplays are awesome holy fuck c: :heart:
Ahh wow that makes me really happy to hear, thank-you!! :heart:
I'm so sorry! I thought I was already watching you?! D!: 
xx NOW I AM!
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